Stewart Ltd/Insurance Management was conceived with a specific goal:
To operate in a way contrary to traditional Insurance

We do not believe the present channels of distribution for 
Property/Casualty/Benefit products are working as they should for you,
the insurance buyer.

Many agencies operate on the basis of "Quantity not Quality".  Most of 
these agencies started with the idea of providing the services 
that we tell our policy holders we will provide, however, the more
business, the more personnel needed to process the business.  In many 
cases, this dilutes the ability to provide service.  This results in the 
loss of customer contact, which ultimately causes the loss of
customer loyalty.

Our approach to both Business and Personal Insurance will be 
hands-on, one-on-one contact with the customer.  The agency will 
only write that amount of business that can serviced by an 
agency owner.

We want to provide outstanding service for a manageable 
group of customers.


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